It Is Finished So Let’s Begin

If children are innocent and in need of protection from this evil world and the depravity of humanity, what do the adults who are having these children need? 

“Tisk, tisk, this age old story keeps us stuck in a rage of glory.  No generation has yet succeeded at protecting the children and giving them what’s needed.”

Given the chance to re-invite Christ to indwell me with the Holy Spirit and “be my Savior”, I would be fear-free and whole, already in union with my creator and the invitation would increase my awareness of divine power, protection and knowing as well as unlock heavenly codes. Christ’s welcome presence would supercharge my life for the freedom of/to love and be loved.  We would create life and a heaven on Earth with love instead of choosing out of fear of eternal damnation and collective punishment. 

  • Why would perfect love cast out fear by beckoning fear?
  • Why are we teaching our children they are separate from God, wicked and destined for eternal hell if they don’t believe something? (Am I the only one who looks at this from a child psychology lens and cringes?) 
  • Whose idea was it to compile all those texts and exclude others when many could not read anyway? If, since the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes, eternal power, and divine nature have been seen clearly and understood through what has been made, so that people are without excuse? 
  • One-third of the heavenly realm got banished for wanting to be like God and became demons with a head demon named Lucifer and then humans did too because the first one also wanted to know good from evil, but no matter how many times humanity asks for forgiveness we cannot seem to move past the curse. 
  • Is it because the Bible tells us so? Doesn’t the Bible also say we have been saved from this because Jesus finished the work?

Yet, we continue the storyline by repeating it to children generation after generation and then wonder why they grow up and become the “ human depravity” we speak of perpetually? As a humanity we remain locked in guilt, shame, punishment and sacrificing while begging, fighting and dividing, seeking peace and safety and betterment for the world until a savior arrives, but the one we hoped for already did and said it was finished and we would do greater things because we have direct access to and communion with God and we are forgiven. That was over 2000 years ago and here we are today and I am scratching my head. We keep fighting each other and building exclusive empires and uninviting each other.  Maybe it is the child within us who needs something? 


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