Meet Erika Brooke

Erika Brooke is a pseudo-pseudonym Erica adopted later in life as a tribute to her mother who wanted to spell it this way, but her father ignored those wishes and spelled it differently. She brings compassion, presence and authenticity to her audiences as well as her private sessions as a death doula and cook.

Erika meshes over twenty years of corporate, scientific, and human biologics experience with a lifetime of spiritual, and during certain phases, religious teachings, in order to merge seemingly opposing perspectives into divinely empowered wholeness.

Erika combines analytical approaches
with spiritual and emotional expression
for healing.

In addition to her training as a death doula, and her personal experience with witnessing the death of loved ones, she draws from her background as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist MT(ASCP) and a Certified Project Manager (PMP) for thought provoking conversations on personal transformation. She references Newton’s Third Law of Motion: that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and believes that as we give ourselves permission to move in a new direction, in a fluid motion, both towards and away from rigid constructs of opposing meaning, we experience a zero point; a harmony. This place of harmony is a convergence from this OR that thinking to this & that, light & dark, together & separate, masculine & feminine, divine & human…healed ”& healing”. In symbology, this can be explained as an infinity symbol ♾ — a “healing” of duality.


“& Healing” represents the importance of merging polarized views for our healing and awakening.