Writing is Erika’s legacy. She began writing as part of her healing journey in her late thirties and has used writing as a core element in her own healing process. She has been published in an anthology called Autobiographies of Our Orgasms, an erotic yet tragic compilation of stories describing the impact sexual abuse has on subsequent sexuality, compiled by Betsy Blankenbaker.

She regularly uses writing, especially poetry, to express herself and to tell stories about her own life and the lives of others. She is currently working on partnering with musicians as a lyricist. Erika believes that writing helps us let go of limiting beliefs and to get rid of the pain that is causing suffering and death.

“There’s no reason to wait until it appears like you’re dying to live like you are.”

Erika has found a special calling in death, dying and grief work, using her gifts of writing and speaking to help us live and die in peace. She is an INELDA trained End of Life Doula who supports those dying and their loved ones through the transition to death. This includes legacy planning and memoir writing as well as eulogy preparation and delivery. Through writing, speaking and live classes, Erika shares the wisdom of the dying so we can live more authentic and passionate lives.


Erika has been featured on the Walk the Talk Speaker Series in her public debut, speaking about Signs and Synchronicities in her talk entitled: Break Up and Wake Up.

She has been interviewed by thought leaders, including Dr. Neha Sangwan, author of TalkRx FIVE STEPS TO HONEST CONVERSATIONS THAT CREATE CONNECTION, HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS.

18in Journey From Your Head to Your Heart
Parents and Teens: When Dynamics Change

Erika was interviewed by Danielle Ireland on the “Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs” podcast.

In addition, Erika facilitates workshops on grief, dying and personal empowerment and speaks at retreats, seminars and as a guest lecturer at universities. She most recently co-facilitated the Indianapolis Death Cafe Indy hosted by the Indy End of Life Collective.

I am excited to host a live, non-religious discussion about Jesus and what his teachings about Love, peace and justice mean in our world today. In collaboration with OM hOMe of Indianapolis and Richard Brendan whose purpose is bringing Love to life. Here is the link to join on Wednesday, April 15th at 7pm EST.