Poetry For Afterlife

You Use

In the middle of my sentence I got sentenced To a jail of anxiety So I plead the fifth and out comes Sith Lording over

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Ride the Tiger

Ride the tiger Tame the dragon Remove the shackles of what I know Take it down, make it drown Let the reasons go How many

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Dark Heart

Here I am in shadow, while my sun stopped moving. Frozen in its darkness in the middle of the day. Got to find my groove

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The Beast

The beast has been found out It knows love darkens every night and prowls the shadows until dawn The beast is ashamed of its unworthy

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Holy Darkness Evil Light

King of Everything

There is nothing to hide in your eyes There’s only more to find They’re changing colors all the time The curtains are up The light is coming in The window to your soul has let me in I see power from pain and rainbows from rain Passion Purpose I see

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Silent Contemplation

On the mossy bank in silent contemplation Words cannot explain like quiet revelation Supposed to and should Ought to and could will never satiate Like wordless wondering would Nudity The moon and me Sunshine on my face The magic, the tragic sharing the space

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Dead and Buried

We stopped by the graves on our way And after all these years I can finally say That script that made me wasn’t meant to stay I’ve lived several lives since theirs ended Many of which may have left them offended

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Expansive Love

I worship at your feet I bow at your throne This is the greatest love I’ve been shown I rise to your presence These gifts are not my own This is the bravest love I’ve now known I’d worship at your feet I’d bow at your throne But here I

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To More

Are you afraid of my emotions The ones you would cross oceans for Do they lead to wasteland Or everything and more Can you sit beside me in storms And feel the safety of our shore Will you let Love lead To more

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The jester looks like me Pining around for what sets it free Is it truth Is it proof Is it fantasy The jester looks at me Staring me down for what it sees Is it truth Is it proof Is it fantasy The jester and me Clowning Drowning Subtly  Jester

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