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Psychology of Political Expression by Jacob Abshire

Within the inner workings of society there exists an undeniable impact of man’s relationship with authority and how that relationship is expressed through both obedience and disobedience. Overtime, various noted psychologists and sociologists have pursued a clearer understanding of such expressions, analyzing the role of obedience and disobedience within society.

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The Spectrum of Brown

Why don’t we just tell them to calm down?  Let’s just point out that two wrongs won’t make it right? Maybe suggest how counterproductive violence is, yeah that will defuse the situation won’t it? The best option could be to meet “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter”…tit for tat?

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Talk About Jesus

The human tendency towards “Pharisaical” egoism and the incessant desire to be right have distorted the meaning of Christ and its ability to penetrate our core.

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