Erika has transitioned from a twenty year career in the Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Industry to offering her talents as a freelance writer and publishing her own works to share with others. 

Erika is the author of the book Womb’s Dying Wishes

Womb’s Dying Wishes compels you to contemplate death in all its forms in this raw and provocative account of Womb’s final days in the body. Leading up to a hysterectomy, Womb has days to live and years worth of things to say prior to her departure. Deeply healing and otherworldly inspiring, Womb’s dying wishes are for you to know and experience the freedom of living as if you are already resting in peace. 

Poetry Compilation

Holy Darkness Evil Light-Poetry For Life is a poignant must read for our times.

You are invited into this poetic world where darkness can lead to holiness, evil is often disguised as light and the magic of our eternal state is explored. Available on Amazon at the link above

Erika offers freelance writing to clients. Her writing helps others explore the mystery of life and dying in all its forms. She specializes in forward thinking prose for marketing and general copy writing.