Gender Bender

Father, what if your daughter is the savior and not your son    

And what if her mother’s name is the one that lives on    

King, what if your Queen is her own provider   

And the love she needs is you beside her   

Son, what if your mother is also your father   

And what if you’re more like her daughter    

Speaking of witch, what if he is?  

Casting spells and wisdom he gives

As for me, I like to sit and think as God and all creation

What’s it like to be you? Is it dark there? Are you scared? Do you feel alone?

I bet you do. I do too. Is this why I created you?

Why did I save you from myself, the part that punishes, demands and controls…the hellish parts?

The devil in me grew the devil in you and then I lowered myself to your level in order to save you from that hell and crammed it down your throat as a Bible so you would silently obey and call it godliness because I said so GOD DAMMIT! Hallelujah!

Then I’ll call myself Love and call that Love and wonder why you’re all fucked up.

You will either become or fuck a sorcerer, then get a divorce from her while shaming her as a whore

Never mind how many times you fucked her on the floor

Leaving wads of cash as you blew your stash and prowled around for more

Come again, I’m coming in. I’m banging at the door!

I stand here and knock, will you let me in? …and forgive again

By prayer and supplication, I’m sorry I was wrong. If you really love me you would turn the other cheek. You’d believe my power made you weak. Our fathers are just doing what daughters have been taught. Okay,  cool story,  but perhaps it is a trap to keep fighting for different versions of this crap? This war that keeps on raging, this cage between heaven and hell is a never ending battle. Money is the root of all evil and the whole world is monetized, so go ahead and give us some.

Increase the tithe!

Give to God for a tax write off

And bless what is my pride

Keep me safe from any peril with money by my side

And when my character starts slipping forgive my debts and lies

Especially the ones I tell myself and the ones money buys

Speaking of witch, what if she is?

We still remember the burns from being on Earth and connected with her, but as we died we weren’t so nice while victimized

We’re an angry, raging, psycho bitch and never been more proud of it

Never been quite so loud with it

Call it what you want we come as love and lights

Blazing the way in the name of rights

We are shaming men while deleting women and convincing them they’ve earned equality. Women rule, that’s what’s cool, but shame on you if you are one because to identify as one or the other means you think it matters.

Why does gender and sexual validation become a public problem and digitized societies?

But instead of elevating there’s increased anxieties in this higher way of being?

Co-creator with depression, can we normalize quiet lows as slower progression?



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