Peace In Chaos

Seeking to be found yet never finding “being found”?

Missing the Promised Land while looking for the promise hand?

Gotta get my head in the heart’s game

Gotta get my head around the heart’s pain

Leading the way or led astray?

Are the roads worth taking already paved?

Make me right for love 

I don’t want to fight for love

Love is God?

Is God Love or has love become a god?

A feeling of peace no matter where I am, whether here or in the Promised Land

Peace in chaos—who knew?

I can feel it—can you?

Is the chaos of peace ready to release?

And if it stays…stay with it

Nothing to fix?

Nothing to lose?

Peace by peace…nothing to choose…nothing to improve

Thinking there’s safety in being the same…or have we gone communally insane?

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