Erika's Musings

“Sin” Sex

Temple of dirges Have you lost your way Crying for purges They told you, you’d have to pay Body of urges Have you lost your say Dying for surges Of orgasmic energy

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Psychology of Political Expression by Jacob Abshire

Within the inner workings of society there exists an undeniable impact of man’s relationship with authority and how that relationship is expressed through both obedience and disobedience. Overtime, various noted psychologists and sociologists have pursued a clearer understanding of such expressions, analyzing the role of obedience and disobedience within society. And with that, a typical

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In My Mind’s Eye

I love to feel so high In my mind’s eye Where all human pain & fear Begins to disappear Up so high in my mind’s eye I’m looking through my heart’s goodbye To all who are ready to die I welcome you to the other side In my mind’s eye Where all human pain and

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