Death Scenes

Bleeding through boundaries as I clawed through
Every god-damned brutality to go with you
I’m alive with paradoxical morbidity
Having held you all in terminal lucidity

But you over there,
You took a bullet in your despair
Unable to slay the dragon
Had you without hope, I imagine

Dad, when you left for business
One of the bags that returned had you in it
Never got to say goodbye
Two hearts, not one, burst that night.

Love Addiction
Is it Love or and addiction
Sometimes it hurts and I miss him
Deep inside there’s a conviction
That he’s part of my mission
If I go with the flow
I’d never say no
But something’s in the way
Every time that I stay
I can’t stop feeling
All of this mirroring
What are we afraid of?
Do we now know what we are made of?
Maybe it’s Love & addiction
To the demons who refuse their eviction

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