Being in a Borrowed Suit

Addicted to at least one problem
Errors in thinking that will solve em.             ->being in a borrowed suit
Cleanse the air with some sage
There’s more than one voice on my stage.    ->being in a borrowed suit
One is saying lead the way
The other is mocking; he won’t stay
->being in a borrowed suit
We came to find the answers
or have we bowed to all the cancers
->being in a borrowed suit
Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh………I want to write your song
Whether forever or we don’t stay long
->being in a borrowed suit
We can teach our hearts to Love
Flowing over from above
->beings in a borrowed suit
So we’re scared Love ain’t forever
Afraid that pain becomes our tether
->beings in a borrowed suit
Remember Love sets us free
Or is that the truth we refuse to see
->beings in these borrowed suits
What if these are eternal nows
And every time we rewrite the vows
What if tomorrow never comes….
and sorrow……starts playing our drums
Being in a borrowed suit, I see your soul as we bear our fruit
Let’s come alive while we have the chance
Never mind our circumstance
I see your being in that borrowed suit; so like mine in convolute
Just being in this borrowed suit; making us more resolute
Being in this borrowed suit; it doesn’t fit and the point is moot
take it off let’s come together
wild and free even though we’re tethered
Beings in a borrowed suit
Being in those borrowed suits
Beings in these borrowed suits,
let’s just Be
….in our borrowed suits

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