Endless Mike

Why? I ask myself so deep within.

Why? I say so many times over and over again.

Why? I wonder. His life was so young.

Why? I wish his life wasn’t done.

Why is the only question I have.

That was my feeling when I first heard the news, that my big brother, I had to lose. 

Then came the hurt I feel so far inside. 

Mike, my best friend and brother is gone. He has died. 

It was only a few hours before that we had spoken, not knowing my usually strong heart would soon be broken. 

He seemed so content when he was with me.

I had no clue his soul wanted to be free.

Michael was my counselor. He helped me through it all.

He was always there; open arms and standing tall. 

Although he’s gone, he’ll always be here, for in my heart I treasure him.

I’ll forever love him dear. 

I wish him happiness in his new life, the happiness he was deprived of down here.

My last words for awhile to you, Mike, are, “Good Luck. I’ll forever love you dear.”

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