An Ancient Wound

I stood barefoot at the creek’s edge, basking in the late winter sun when a man in a baseball hat and sunglasses walked towards me on the less travelled path. His arms were bent at the elbows. His hands held in such a way that resembled a begging dog/zombie hybrid. Since I had no where to run, nor did that feel right, I froze and felt my awareness lift slightly out of my body. I imagined activating a force field of protection around me while I stared at him.  My heart palpated to expand its field, throwing daggers of love in his direction to shield me from his physical form as he passed by seamlessly .

“In that moment, it felt like my only weapon was Love & I did not feel safe; like Love isn’t enough to protect me….as if I needed armor.”

 An ancient wound revealed.

Vulnerable and afraid therefore afraid of being vulnerable. Yet Love was all I had. Is Love enough to disarm us & to protect us? It feels too insecure, too foolish to assume Love can do what fear and hate have ruled for so long. I remember a world, a realm, where Love reigned. I miss home.


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