Thoughts To Be Thought On Anxiety Of Truth

Void vows long ago…

Serenity’s invocation eclipsed by Insomnia’s call for Art’s sake

Nothing remains the same

Surf the wave

Arms and legs

Watch and ride

Get anxiety inside

Surging, strong tsunami of thoughts

Tossing and turning these thoughts to be thought

Sometimes I feel followed when I’m not going anywhere. It’s like I get swallowed by the lump in my throat that’s saying something has changed.

This time, like last, I’m letting it, asking it perhaps? Though I commit my life to it, and share a bed at night with it, and dream of rising high with it, still, I fear my climb.

I miss me, yet reel my time on this tangent of analyzing and harmonizing the experience and writing about the same stuck.

Sorry if I am wearing black at the wake of my own demise for which I have somehow been chosen.

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