The Spectrum of Brown

Why don’t we just tell them to calm down?  Let’s just point out that two wrongs won’t make it right? Maybe suggest how counterproductive violence is, yeah that will defuse the situation won’t it? The best option could be to meet “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter”…tit for tat? Actually, maybe we should completely invalidate the experience by saying they’re still angry about slavery, yet none of “them” were slaves and none of “us” had slaves? My favorite is simply deciding racism doesn’t exist or blaming the victim by pointing out that “their” own decision to fight against racism and prejudice allows it to exist and if “they” would stop agreeing to the construct then it could no longer perpetuate.

I wonder if blaming all cops for the atrocities of some will make our point? Perhaps endangering lives of innocent civilians by waging war in the streets and destroying property will vindicate the tragic deaths of “black” men?  I guess breaking glass and robbing local businesses could also bridge the divide and facilitate peace and justice for all?  In other words, “If ‘they’ don’t arrest the cops whose excessive force and abuse of power resulted in the death of humans, then “we” have no other choice but to kill more humans to make ‘our’ point. “Us against them” and “Them against us”

We must also consider the possibility the media is purposely highlighting these stories to escalate the narrative and elicit fear and division amongst the people? Perhaps the mainstream agenda is to aggressively keep us divided: black against white, cops against civilians, right against left, women against men, rich against poor, so we lose sight of what we are actually for?

Do we know what we are for?

If we are for liberty and justice for all, why would we stand for riots and endangering all lives in order to vindicate the fury born of our deepest grief? Grief over the loss of a humans by the hands of those humans purported to protect us? This is scary and something we need to face together. It seems the majority of cops, who are people, and people on the spectrum of brown, all skin colors, actually want justice and peace and do not want to be stereotypically profiled based on the deranged few who get the media’s attention. If we keep counting numbers based on the color of skin, then there will always seem to be a majority and a minority, but if we count based on the dreams in our hearts and the passion for peace, safety and acceptance we share, then we are a united front of humans banding together in love and respect. Those who remain polarized by fear and prejudice will be the minorities and their true colors will be revealed.

To all those whose skin color is on the spectrum of brown, what are we for?

How can we hear each other with our hearts and our shared dreams of safety, prosperity, equality and peace the majority of us possess? How can we stand FOR one humanity if we keep agreeing to wage war against differing shades of skin?

I am starting to wonder if this is more of a war on abuse of power in general than the race war we want to keep stirred up? Maybe we are sick of the establishment abusing its power by exploiting the vulnerable and not appropriately enacting consequences for blatantly acting out personal hatred. Maybe we are tired of feeling so much fear? Dark skin fearing what corrupt light skinned cops will do next and light skinned humans believing dark skinned humans are to be feared or are less than because they’re darker and dangerous and not as light?  Stop agreeing to the racist programming and open our hearts to other human hearts. I do not stand with “you” as a “white” woman taking up “your” cause. I stand with you as a human creating a new love for the majority of humans and putting all our collective energy and focus on building what we are FOR, not wasting precious time and energy on being at war with what the minority want….perpetual division to keep our power and our minds in their control.



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