The snake is eating its tail. Now what? Why would it do that? Self inflicted pain and attempted annihilation? Starvation? Intense stress? In physical form this type of behavior means the snake is in trouble, but it metaphorical terms it’s a prophetic happenstance in perpetual motion. It means WE are in trouble. We are trapped by time…forever it seems. We want out. We want peace. So collectively we slowly destroy parts of ourselves to spare the others? We forget we’re all connected to the same metaphorical snakeskin. We fear death while longing for its freedom, so we eat. We eat to be remembered and we eat to be forgotten lest we escape the illusion of such diametrical oppositions? And once we’ve had our fill of weeping and suffering, the part of us eating and the part being eaten transfigures, and we nestle in as the one who observes such meaningless toil. Earth is but one option among the infinite cosmos and perhaps a rare place of magnificence to be redeemed and restored. She and her inhabitants are lock jawed upon the flesh suit, drowning in duality. If only they too can remember the futility of separation and release the tail.

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