Guaranteed – Is Christ Already Here?

What if you’re the child of Christ and not Christ at all? What if they’re both roles you’ll play and you’ve played them all? If you are of Christ or in Christ or simply heeding a call, when Christ shows up, will you recognize her? How will you know he’s back? Are you waiting for the trumpets, and the clouds to roll back?  Is your vessel ready for her to indwell and rise for sure? Do you believe there is a Holy-All-Knowing Spirit dwelling in your body? And if you do, how does a spirit that holy get through for you? Is there room for Christ in there, to build among us?

Help us, O Lord!

Help us, Holy One, our guarantee the day will come.

Do we wait in vain?

Do we make it rain?

Are we on the right train?

Is it okay to rest, bored, at best?

Will the signals get through?

Since it’s already finished, what should we do?


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