Gender Roles & Pigeon Holes

Could it be the rise in transgender identification is a calling to balance the feminine and masculine polarities in energy?

We are drowning in duality and need to breathe life into internal union. Literally, physical incarnations are bringing awareness to the perceived dualistic nature of our souls by inadvertently mirroring the imbalances within our collective consciousness. They are expressing their feelings, while those who do not feel the same move to action and judgment instead of listening and seeking to understand and simply witness with curiosity.  We feel compelled to wrap our minds around their feelings, so we can decide where we stand on the issue. Our egos need it to make sense.  We focus on what our opinions or judgments are, but forget to be curious.  Meanwhile, those who feel like they belong in a differently sexed body are overwhelmed with feelings of isolation, shame, awkwardness and abandonment which causes them to retreat in fear or build a platform on which they can feel validated by sharing their difficulties. It’s a constant focus on what is “wrong” instead of what is going on. Why are so many feeling this way while living out their human experience on earth? Could it be a clue to the mysteries of life,  that even they are not aware of due to the focus on the physical vs the metaphysical, spiritual energy? If we really consider the truth, at some point we all feel isolated, ashamed, awkward and abandoned because we have not fully embodied our inner “masculine” & “feminine”.  We have abandoned our own wholeness because we have been playing by the constructs too long, the gender roles & pigeon holes.

Let’s get curious…

What if, regardless of our gender identity, we remember our wholeness and connection to God. What if the entire transgender “anomaly” is a messenger calling us to remember the true hermaphroditic nature of our divinity. This is not to be confused with androgynous, as one can be quite polarized in their physical expression of male or female and still harmonize the dualistic energies.


Read “Harmonized” for poetic musings on the post.


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