Dear, Science, and Money

Narration: In a world where science and religion have become one, after generations of irreconcilable differences, brought together by, yours truly, Money)

Dear “Father Science”,

We have been conditioned to trust you without question in an eerily similar way as when you were just religion. (Narrator’s note: many forms of yoga/spirituality have become a religion too) Like the christ who was crucified, and the witches who were burned, anyone who now questions science, and the unprecedented profits, is a heretic who must be crucified and cast out of our congregations, while being stripped of their livelihood and burned. Are you manipulating the masses by preying on a collective fear of death and suffering, while positioning yourself as a savior? If not, is there a force greater than you, despite your billions, that is the culprit? Are the billions the villains? It is easy to let money and power do ugly things and it is also easy to forget that money is a tool – an energy, not the master….unless you are its slave?

Where did you lose your way? Has the greed of money indeed proven to be the root of all evil, as a crucified one from long ago warned? It makes all humans do things they would not normally do if money was not at stake, either to be gained or lost.

Though the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries are in the spotlight because of current events, all people who exchange money are complicit. And industries are made of people and people are made in our image…

I sing a siren’s song to the true Father God Spirit, to rise up and remember…we are Love. Together we create Heaven on Earth…together we are Love…it is time for us to return and show them the Truth.


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