Hot Summer Dream

We walked into the woods along a magical path where nature’s wooden spectators stood, saluting us as we waltzed along the red carpet made of fallen pine needles, soft under our bare feet. The heat had us hoping for a rainstorm and within moments of speaking our wish, the clouds swirled and the thunder rolled in. The rapidly cooling breeze and the sky’s darkening churn opened the act. The wind blew harder and the rain began…as we began. Dimensions exposing themselves; revealing Love as we made it.

The rain showered

The wind churned

The earth held

The fire burned

The lighting urged us to run, to seek safety, but the moment slowed us to see the emerging sun. So there we stood staring through the curtain of rain, watching the misty spirits glide across the pond

A dragonfly frolicked over the lilies, whose arms lifted to receive the cooling rains with gratitude and relief, before perching on a branch in a fractal between us and the setting sun. Its wings glistening with drops of rainbow water. At the opposite end of the branch a bagworm cocoon hung…it also shimmered in the sun.

And later that night….


Wild eyes and

Wildebeest cries

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